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Project created for a young lawyer Paris with a new modern approach to this traditional ...

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Personal project, created in 2019 | Graphic Design

Inspirations and Idea


The idea was to capture the diversity of Agata, which on one hand, she is a modern-chic person with a polish personality and on the other hand, romantic and very delicate.

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Because of her profession's voice is the central point, I wanted to break down the two worlds: musical and creative contra real world. Hence, I created two unique logos: the first one, is to reflect the world of music and highlights the most important aspect, that is her voice tone (Mezzosopran) The second part is a mix between her on and off stage. All this is contained in an eclectic style, which in my opinion, reflects the best the souls of Agata.

Personalized logos


The style evokes the classic opulence of the opera, reimagined in an updated minimalist design

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Business Card

Francoise Ferrand is an amazingly warm and generous person, which I had an occasion to meet in Paris during her work at the Opera National de Paris. This business card is a reflection of her poetic, romantic soul and twisted with a lot of class and music passion that she is sharing every day.

for Pianist & Coach Vocal in Paris

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Personal project, created in 2016 | Graphic Design



The main point of this project was to create a bridge between Francoise duality jobs.