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It's a  project to create a balance between

professional and personal life

ID | Concept Design | UI/UX | Visualisations

Personal project 2017/2018




1. We are often distracted at work and losing track of our concentration due to numerous social notifications such as a clock ticking, computer bips, social media pinging, emails popping in,... We are working long hours and neglecting the balance of the rythme of our lives. On top of that, we are facing more and more stress at work and not giving ourselves enough breaks, which are precisely what is the most important for our brains to concentrate and conditions that enable us to re-concentrate. All in all, we lack of intelligence to balance our work and private life, reducing our motivation, concentration and consequently the effectiveness of our spirit. 

2. More and more companies proceed with cost reductions and most of them ask their employees to work from home to save rental and transport expenses. In fact, they face a short-term future situation, where it has become very common to search for our comfy zone and transpose our workplace to our home. Our biggest concern at home is that we feel stressed about hours and the continuous distraction due to the pace of time. As a result, we disconnect our self-motivation and concentration, which alters our efficiency. 

The concept was based on my personal experience and observations gathered from articles, friends and global economy and life changes.





The best achievements are not reached thanks to long working hours, but with a proper and appropriate concentration. Thanks to personal observations, exchanges with my community/friends and related articles, books and researches, I have decided to develop a concept that answers to a futuristic need with the creation of an efficient object that assist us to combine an active and always in motion modern life with our natural human instinct, that enables us to release our senses and perform. One balanced ihelper. By rythming our working hours, we can better concentrate and generate harmonious work, and the ihelper will be a gently discrete object that ihelps you to give a tempo to your concentration : full awareness - gradual transition - mind released. This gradual transition, which is the step that often lacks today, is smoothened with the ihelper and its design. Pure and organic shape inspired by nature, perspiring boundless relief/comfort so that the mind can take a break, undisturbed.

ihelper is growing with us

It runs on the app which can be controlled from any smart device such as smartwatch, computer, laptop... The UI and the shape are designed with soft colours to make us feel relaxed and unstressed. The navigations are intuitive and easy to control. 



One unique style

for all family


What’s inside the app?

The application embedded in the ihelper is based on calm and pastel colours, to make the connection to the app easier and unstressful. It’s a way to introduce us into a different world. The app will give you the possibility to instruct your thoughts in different tabs such as work, settings to control notifications, and «i», where you can inform your personal information. The sum up tab resumes your workload per day, month, year or per clients. A single swipe from the bottom of the screen will give you access to your last 24h schedule. In a nutshell, the ihelper helps you enhance yourself by improving how you use your time and how you concentrate on your work in an optimal way.


apps logo and a whole ecosystem


The break

ihelper will mute our clock, which will become invisible for us - and can of course be turned on again at any time, - in order to assist our maximal focus. It is then a time for our brain to relax, by selecting the best transition you would like to have: by smell, sound or sight - all three based on natural senses in order to smoothen the transition from work to break phase.

Round curves, discrete, light and handy, the ihelper resonates with an organic shape that gives us the feeling of immediate comfort and balance.


In order to reach a well-being transition of the mind, the ihelper has been designed and inspired by a stone - natural element that connects us to the essence of the world.

Shape inspiration


How does it work?

The device can be controlled by our voice or traditional way by directly entering into the app. First, we start by adding our task-projects, then we add the time we expect the work to last or simply the deadline; it all depends on how you evaluate your needs/productivity and how much you know yourself. Then ihelper will automatically calculate an optimal programme to schedule your best transitional balance between work and break. you will be able to customize this balance according to your biorhythm and evaluation of yourself. Based on common research about human biorhythm best balance, the ratio is 1.5h of work (concentration phase) with 17min of break. Each time when we start working, we turn on our ihelper, which will ask us on which project we want to work. It can be displayed on any of our smart devices. Then, we will enter our answers and after each break, the ihelper will ask or write to us if we want to continue this project or switch to another one.


chose sound which corresponds to your needs



chose colour which suits you the best



chose perfume which boost your mind

Colours and use

ihelper it is designed with soft, zen colours to be the less distractive object on our workspace and stimulate our brain to relax or concentrate.

It's easy to charge thanks to the integrated wireless antenna

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