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MobiGo a device which allows making fast and safe

cashless transactions


ID design | Following the manufacturing process with teams based in China & France

| Accessories ID | UI design | Marketing and Visualization for web promotions

Professional work launched in 2018 by MobiIoT | Industrial Design

The initial ID was born during our market analyses and client feedback on our previous projects. Conclusions from research on the African, Indian and Latin American market have shown a lack of devices that would be: compact, light, running on the Android system, with an easy payment ecosystem and an affordable price.

Based on this strategy, together with the engineers in China, we began to build the first PCBA board directions for this product. This it allowed me to start working on the initial ID with support from a product manager in France in order to meet all needs and expectations.


Balanced Process

Craft is all about the details. All elements have been meticulously considered and are respectful to their purpose and function.

From the 15° controlled chamfers, dedicated texture to the all the technological components 

Finding the Form

constant movement and transitions between sellers and buyers was a starting point for the form concept

Design by understanding the constraints

  • cost-effective 

  • correspond to the environmental

  • customizable

  • functionality 

Colour corresponds to the environment

in which it will be found. 

Material is humble, solid and cost balance.

Finishing enhance lightness,

freshness and elegant style.

Lines of the form reflect the functionality of the object and enhance the beauty. This way discretely the mould lines defects are hidden.

this had an important impact on the CMF selections

Dedicated texture roles

The main role of the MobiGo texture is to prevent from scratches. Because the product is made without painting, it means that the plastic remains in constant contact with various factors. Another role was to give a robust look and feel and to indicate certain functional areas as NFC.

Through difficult conditions of use, micro USB has been designed with a rubber cap, to protect against dust penetration.

Business strategy & Customization

B2B is the main strategy for MobiIoT company. This is a reason why MobiGo has designed customizable parts: branding sticker & battery cover

QR option

QR code


is Secure, Fast and Simple way to pay with

NFC option


NSDT option


KYC option


MobiGo it is simply easy to go

extra security thanks to design space for lanyard 

light construction which allows keeping MobiGo without feeling extra wight

designed rubber casing gives a drop resistance for everyone who works

in harder environmental conditions



Special thanks to Slim R. (PM France) for excellent technical support and Lily  (Accessory PM, China)  thanks to whom a supplier achieved our expectations.

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