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I like to think about design process as a never-ending growing ecosystem, which is the core structure to build the base and where you can adapt and react to the poeple, objects, needs, clients, ...

My work style is a combination of 3D softwares, mockups, 3D printed models, briefs, mood boards, researches and manual skills such as sketching, prototyping, testing. But the crucial is teamwork, observations and correct response with smart solutions.


Conceptualization & Research


Inspiration to make an object alive. Research of technologies, materials and production feasibility which is essential in defining the product design strategy. Defining both a functional and aesthetic value.


Propose & Share


Defining the 3D shapes and launching mockup’s which are fundamental at the early stage. It must go through optimal proportions & details. Tasting and checking comfort, ergonomics and functionalities. The first stage of communicating with the R&D team  &  complying with the industrial suppliers and constraints.


Adaptation to manufacturing constraints


This stage is based on strong teamwork with R&D, Designers and Suppliers, integrating organizational and cultural-understanding skills, adapting until the very finest detail. Creating technical collaterals CMF’s to communicate, launch tooling and monitoring with product managers all manufacturing stages of sample production to mass production until achievement of the best result, enhanced and approved by customers expectations. In my current work, this includes a daily work interface with Chinese teams based in Shenzhen and FengHua, Ningbo.


Product Support & Marketing


Creating and communicating a storytelling around the products by creating high definition visuals, videos, brand communications, presentations, involved in stand design for corporate events. In MobiWire, my role was including large audience speeches to explain the company design processes and support the sales team's communication and conveying the company’s identity and product’s design description. Internal development of company guidelines and conveying internally and externally the message and identity of the company.