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An object which helps to improve & increase any language


ID design | Concept | Visualization

Personal work, 2018-2019  | Industrial Design


This concept was born on my personal experience & close group of friends, which like me are foreigners in a new land :) Settling in new places is not always easy. In one hand it's exciting and interesting, but on another hand, it cost a lot of social chaos. As a working person, I know how hard is to find a time and self-motivation to progress every day. This reason pushed me to the idea of creating an object who could help to solve this problem.



I noticed that the most crucial moment when we started to feel demotivated and losing the faith is right after achieving a communication base. This is the point when we build enough courage for public decisions. At this moment is one of the most important to be tracked in order to progress. Problem is that we usually have no idea where we doing mistakes. After seeing bizarre faces of our friends, or beeing many times misunderstood, this is a moment when we are starting losing our self-motivation.

Solo Person

Solo Person

beginning-intermediate level - happy and ready to improve it - but need interaction to progress



talking but making mistakes - frustrating to don't know where they are


The demotivating stage- it's coming from unsatisfaction of not enough quick progression ( which is the turning point) 

Unsatisfaction | Lack of confidence | Angriness 


causes us to feel more discouraged to learn the language


What if we would have an easy access to our mistakes

and know where we are doing them?

and it would be written and recorded so we could repeat and listen?



object should be: 





Why Compact?

this is only a support to our daily progress, so need to make us feel comfortable and functional

but as well cute


Why Discrete?

to fits with our lifestyle and do not disturb us or others


Why Mobile?

to be easy to wear, transport to feel like is not here

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