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Dominika HAAS

UX|UI Product Designer

My aim is to create a spark between
the product and the user.

Work selections

affiche-ordi_3x 2.png

Le boncoin

UX/UI design & coding

I draw upon multicultural experiences in various fields
as design, art, graphics, & 3D to bring an 
unique approach to every project.

MiFi Pocket WiFi

UX/UI design & direction

Accessing this intranet website is necessary to manage certain technical elements of pocket Wifi. The difficulty lied in designing user-friendly navigation that simplifies the process of finding technical information.

Plan de travail 2.png


Product design

The operating system created on the Mediatel platform to emphasize the product's design and establish a captivating connection with the user... 

Meet the virtual influencers

Illustration & short animation

Atelier BNP Paribas


The key to a successful product lies in
teamwork, careful observations, and smart problem-solving.

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