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Product & 3D Designer

I draw upon multicultural experiences and diverse backgrounds
design - graphic - 3D modeling - rendering - branding
to infuse captivating storytelling to each project

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Work selections

My aim is to create a spark between
the product and the user

My scope of work

Product design (UX/UI)

Understanding client needs, market dynamics, and effective coordination are essential for the success of any project. In terms of design UX: various elements such as project planning, market analysis, personas, user research, flows, journey mapping, zoning, mood boards, storytelling, and wireframes play a pivotal role. On the other hand, UI: involves creating systems, prototyping, testing, wireframe stages, presentations, and mockups, enabling users to engage on a deeper level. Having a background in CSS and HTML provides a significant advantage when collaborating with developers during the development phase. With over 11 years of experience, my ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams is a valuable asset in ensuring project success...

3D modeling & Realistic rendering

Expierience to take product from concept to finished design ready for production. With expertise in 3D modeling programs, I can quickly iterate designs and create realistic renderings to show clients. This helps bring the vision to life and engage the product with the user...

Art direction,  Branding & Graphic

With my expertise in graphic design, I possess the skills to propose or revamp logos, resulting in unique and visually appealing designs. I can leverage my experience to develop fresh collections of 2D or 3D icons that can enhance the overall value of the project...



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