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The new smartphone flagship

ID Design | Manufacturing process with R&D team in China and France | Visualization | ID Packaging | Marketing promotion for web and stands 

Professional Work; launched in 2018, MobiWire | Clients: Altice Groupe

| Industrial Design


The story of Huritt strategy was to create a well-balanced design with a premium look but affordable for a segment with high-value expectation. After exchanges with clients, market analyses and trends evaluation, we decided that design need to be clean and modest, with carefully selected materials which correspond to the actual trends. The design in current smartphone trends is not everything which is why together with the team we decided to strengthen the product with: integrated wireless charging to give the freedom of fast charging with different media, NFC system for comfort, 5.45inch TFT IPS (18:9) screen as the best compromise between size & quality, and Hybrid Dual SIM. Everything this spined on MTK Quad-Core PCBA. The outcome was a qualitative premium-feeling phone, using fine and carefully-thought technology that enhanced its aesthetical result, with the respect of the target group offering them a unique design language.

The story


Selection of two main materials with best value and costs ratio

  1. glass - to represent the trendy and premium look and feel

  2. plastic - the rational and humble side


includes 5 layers is stick behind the glass

  1. PET + OCA 

  2. Transfer the texture  (dots and wave)

  3. NCVM

  4. Back printing colour Grey

  5. Back printing colour Black


it's a transparent adhesive to stick PET on the glass 

*Back printing colour Grey

is to prevent black from overflow

*Back printing colour Black

is to avoid leak out the light


  1. Back printing -  black piano

  2. Top coating with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

The problem


During the manufacturing process, we faced a problem of colour film controlling on the glass during mass production.  The issue was related to the complexity of film production.


The problem


During the manufacturing process, we faced a problem of colour film controlling on the glass during mass production.  The issue was related to the complexity of film production.


together with the CMF team and suppliers in China, we defined 3 limits of the range of colours that we could control and which we accepted during the production process.


The solution



-1 tonation from principal colour

Principal colour tonation 


+1 tonation from principal colour

these light changes were only visible under a specific angel

The shape was driven by modest and elegant lines, accomplished with two most hot colours of 2018

deep black piano highly polished & orchid-grey metallic

laser carving used on the plastic surface was to highlight  power and volume keys zone

Simple & Practical - featuring wireless charging technology, give the ability to charge the smartphone to different media wherever we are.

The Huritt included a wireless dock station.

designed symbol to respent wireless connectivity


This is an inside view of Hurrita

before glass assembly

Wireless charging

& NFC technology

The easiest way to pay with cashless transactions where ever you go

thanks to integrated NFC - near field communication technology

Marketing support

Art direction for web storytelling and lifestyle shooting, prints and stands for product promotion

inside the shops as for product tour

lifestyle for Altice_S61_web.jpg

Real preview


2D Preview


Behind each design realization, there are many dedicated people, thanks to whom projects run smoothly in a friendly atmosphere. Many thanks to Altice for believing in this project and pushing to achieve the best results.

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