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Hotah IP68


for whom shock is a daily life  

for whom a job is something more than we think

for whom sport is more than a hobby

D design | Following the manufacturing process with R&D's & PM's teams in China and France | Packaging Design | Commercial Support

Professional work launched 2018, MobiWire; Clients: Vodafone  | Industrial Design



Market analysis and observations led me to the conclusion that there are currently two main user segments for ruggedized products on the market:

  1. niche extreme full rugged phone (Crosscall, Kyocera...)

  2. mainstream high-end elegant but resistance device (Samsung, Sony...)



Create a new segment device that offers a long-lasting with premium design.

This new well-balanced IP68 rugged device is dedicated to the new type of customers which look for a concept which matches with their new expectations


create a structural, modern form where function & esthetic will play an important role

expose the main function of the product 

use solid-resistance technological solutions and materials

give a freedom, joy and satisfaction to the customers


designed to be extreme

Manufacturing process with Chinese team

Collaborating on a daily bases with our Chinese team of engineers, designers and suppliers during 6 months of product developing. This included around 4 pre-mass production samples which we call "P-1/2/3/4", golden samples, dummies for shops, quality reports and aftersales, and full commercial and technical support of the project.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

Elastomer /double injection on middle housing

LCD 5.0"HD IPS One-cell 

water & dust proof cap for hybrid SIM and SC card

rubber water protection inside


middle housing/ RAW plastic with #24 EDM marks

place for battery

antenna area

PCBA stack

NFC / camera/ flash area

plastic battery cover with dedicated texture and UV painting for better resistance

camera deco/ aluminium with diamond cuts

CMF documents

are essential before opening moulds for mass production and for communication with Chinese Suppliers & Design team, in my case based in MobiWire Paris and Fenghua (Ningbo) Factory.

Colours, Materials, Finishes

for the best quality, we have chosen solid materials like hard plastics, TPU and metals. The textures and details where designed to give a comfortable and robust feel and look.


discrete for B2B business public


for active and sportive public

Hand Holding Color Swatches

Black 6C

metallic-satin to add elegance

P-samples follow up

with product managers based in France and China. Usually ppt, or excel documents with indicated parts which need to be updated for the next samples. 

Quality tests

each product needs to pass a series of different tests before going on the market. For ruggedized objects, there are additional IP tests as waterproof, fire resistance, drop and dust proof etc. which are made in our factory.

What IP68 stand on?

IP68 stand on Water-proof resistance

> 30 min under 1.5m


audio jack


micro USB

type - C

Special IP Micro USB TYPE -C and IP Audio Jack, allows for quick and easy access with water resistance. Additional to pass more than 30min underwater Hotah receiver and speaker are supported with waterproof mesh.

The IP Code, International Protection Marking, IEC standard 60529, sometimes interpreted as Ingress Protection Marking, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion (body parts such as hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures.

for whom sport is more than a hobby 



Shock-proof & Dust-proof

security for whom job is something more than we think

The comfort of use was extremely important, that's why the shape and texture of the battery cover was design to protect the device from scratches and gives ruggedized look and feel.

Additionally, we dedicated NFC zone for secure and fast payments where ever we are.

discrete lanyard hole for better security


the secure cap for SIM and SD card 


double injection of TPU around the device for better shock protection with dedicated texture.

Marketing around the product

To make a story of Hotah more complete, I created a special edition of the packaging to bring users closer to the spirit and purpose of the device.


Behind industrial realization is always a large team of dedicated designers, engineers, managers and sales. Special thanks to Alain P. (PM France) for great and endless support and Lixinxin (CMF designer China)  thanks to whom a supplier communication was smooth and fruitful.

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