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Interface Designer in the Office


website and mobile application to connect
your portable Wi-Fi router





Teamwork : 1 UX/UI designer + 1 Full Stack Dev

Solo UX/UI designer, graphic design

4-5 months

Figma, Ai

Creation of a website from the ground up that enables customers to effortlessly connect and configure their MiFi routers within the comfort of their own homes.

Plan de travail 2.png

Pain point

How to provide complex and technical information to users with a modern and easy-to-use layout and create a seamless experience.

01 | Benchmark

The analysis of competition revealed that the majority of websites consist of outdated designs overloaded with excessive information. As a result, this affects the user experience, making it less intuitive and engaging. Additionally, the large amount of information often leads to difficulties for users when browsing or accessing desired features.



B2B and regular user who is not an expert or technical oriented.


Create a user-friendly interface that simplifies complex elements, ensuring easy comprehension. This can be achieved by designing a clean and intuitive navigation system while adhering to the client's color guidelines.

02 | Mapping

Analyze and categorize all functions into selectable groups to enhance navigation convenience.

MiFi HOME v2.1_final.png

03 | Visual Identity

Ensure that the MobiIoT brand colors are respected while incorporating new ones to elevate the product.

Plan de travail 4.png




Plan de travail 5.png


04 |  Wireframes and Prototyping

Wireframes and prototyping are invaluable tools for assessing the viability and alignment of the chosen approach with the project's visual and ergonomic requirements. In this specific undertaking, my aim was to streamline and structure the functionality, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

Plan de travail 3.png

05 |  Developing process

Throughout the project, I collaborated closely with the developer on a daily basis to ensure the desired outcome. This involved daily discussions to address any challenges and track the progress of the schedule.

06 | The Final Result

The primary objective has been successfully accomplished. The features are evident and user-friendly, ensuring easy navigation and accessibility for users.

Final Website

Final Mobile application


This specific project has taught me the importance of effective communication. By understanding the needs of my team members, the work flows smoothly and creates a positive atmosphere, leading to successful project outcomes.

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